Welcome to the Professional Science Masters in Natural Sciences

Biological Data Analytics specialization

The Professional Science Masters (PSM) program with specialization in Biological Data Analytics is a two-year graduate degree program that is designed to fill a growing need of a workforce trained in high-level analysis of biological data, with a strong background in the life sciences. The 21st century has become the era of “big data”. In the biosciences, the primary drivers of data come from studies to characterize molecular systems (genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes, interactomes, etc.) in organisms, including humans. The PSM program in Biological Data Analytics prepares students to be able to harness the data revolution to interpret biological data and help design experiments to extend these studies. The program has been developed in coordination with leaders in the biotechnology industries in order to ensure that students will have the scientific, business, and communication skills required to be competitive for jobs in the fields of bioinformatics, biological data science, and computational biology.

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